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Collines enneigées - Pastel sur papier sablé 9x12 po - Cantley Québec Canada

Snowy hills 2 – Pastel – 9×12 – Cantley Québec Canada

Collines enneigées - Pastel sur papier sablé 9x12 po - Cantley Québec Canada

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The subject for that painting came after a couple inches of snow (again…) followed be a sunny day (at last…)

Cantley in Québec is a region full of hills and forest. The town is litterally covered with woodland. Behind our place is such a rugged “boisé” filled with rocks and dead trees. From my kitchen window I can contemplate all that beauty while sipping my first coffee in the morning. And with this snowy 2017 winter, everything is hidden under a thick coat of snow  which in some ways softens the landscape.

As inspiring as it may look, I did not paint it as is. I had to change a few things here and there in order to build a solid composition. I got rid of numerous  trees and added a breakthrough toward distant hills in background to let the viewer “walk” in the painting. Furthermore, young tree shoots scattered in foreground let me add hints of intense orange colors to contrast with the violet of shadows.

And finally, sun is low in the sky over winter and shadows of the trees then grow longer.



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