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Van Gogh signed “Vincent” Do you know why?

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A few days ago I was talking about Van Gogh and one of its painting entitled “Les champs de blé”. Fascinating that Van Gogh, right?

Vincent was his first name. His full name at birth was Vincent Willem van Gogh. Well, with such a name I would have signed it on my paintings! It’s a question of being noticed. It’s called Marketing. But we all know that artists usually fail miserably in marketing.

Wouldn’t you have signed “Van Gogh” if you were artist? Still, he signed “Vincent”. Well, I can’t believe it but it’s like that.

Curious as I am, I searched its biography on the net and more specifically in the countless letters he wrote to his brother Theo. And I discovered that he signed “Vincent”, instead of “Van Gogh”, because where he stayed during that last years of his life, in France and more precisely in Provence, he found that people badly pronounced “Van Gogh” and it annoyed him. They should have said something like van “hoh”, with the two h coming from the throat like the spanish J (as in Jalepino). Too complicated for the French. He ask therefore to be called Vincent and signed his paintings accordingly.

Fascinating! Would have said Spock…

Have a nice day!

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